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Robert Holland’s latest work is: The Stolen Man Trilogy,  three full novels to complete the saga. The mega-novel is about beast-headed, genetically-engineered war-bloods who resemble the gods of ancient Egypt; humanoid aliens with elongated heads; magic-wielding dragons who developed their own science and technology ages before the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built; an artificial-sapience built as the ultimate weapon and suppressed by the Huan Long Shui Sisteren for millennia; flying saucers; space battles; and a reluctant hero named, Elijah, who gets pulled against his will through a transdimensional portal and becomes embroiled in a quest to save the dragons and peoples of an earth-like parallel planet named: Janaidar.

Dragons of Orion and Elijah, The Stolen Man

Book One of the Stolen Man Trilogy

NuliZhu transgalactic slavers return after 5,000-years to harvest the peoples of Janaidar. High Priestess Alahna learns of these abductions, but nobody believes her. Disillusioned and outcast, she awakens the hyper-sapient WuShi—a formidable artificial-intelligence of evil and deadly design.

Finally awakened into its most dangerous state-of-consciousness as The-Creeping-Darkness, the WuShi tears a transdimensional-arc between worlds and searches. Silent and sinister, it finds an innocent man who suits its arcane needs and also fits Alahna’s desperate quest for a techno-warrior-sage.

Alahna’s so-called Awakening also summons the Guardian Dragons of Orion. Arriving too late, they find the Pillars-of-Thoth already cooling. Fearing the NuliZhu slavers will rediscover the WuShi, they decide to deactivate it. In fear of losing its new found sapience, The-Creeping-Darkness will not be forced back into dull abeyance and turns on the Huan Long Shui Sisters and Guardian Dragons.

On Earth, a swirling gateway violently materializes in Elijah’s studio. As he peers into Alahna’s world, a young fire-dragon swoops out of the sky and sets him ablaze. Abducted into Janaidar, his recovery at the Huan Long Shui Cavern Keep takes a terrifying twist when the WuShi transforms itself into a monster made of water and dark-energy, tears Elijah apart, and revivifies him as a NuliZhu Tech-Master.

The Creeping Darkness of Janaidar

Book Two of the Stolen Man Trilogy

On planet Janaidar High Priestess Alahna, and stolen-man Elijah, watched from afar as a gigantic flying-saucer hovered high above Bahndahn Towne, an early-industrial riverfront. After more than 5,000-years, the NuliZhu slave-raiders from the Empire of Ra were back! Paralysis-gas canisters exploded above the rooftops enshrouding the bucolic burg with billowing green smoke. All the people fell. Many died outright.

Most dangerous in its 4th State of hyper-sapience, The-Creeping-Darkness of the WuShi also lay paralyzed within trillions of lines of conflicting code as a sort of machine-madness. The only things stopping it from enslaving the entire multiverse were hidden constraints now blistering its hyper-processors embedded in the ancient operating system by the Dragons of Orion—whom it feared above all else—for only they could destroy it.

Underground in The-Sleeping-City, a white column of crackling light shot esoteric power into a precessing cuboid above the Central Obelisk as the WuShi hardened all twelve faces of the city-sized dodecahedron from stand-by to battle-mode.  To save the precious  power-master, it would destroy the NuliZhu along with planet Janaidar if necessary.

Far away from the Cavern Keep of Huan Long Shui Sisteren in Riverbend consolidating her dark powers in the Baneful Chaos, the usurper, false high-priestess, and Alahna’s nemesis, Yenara, coldly watched her left hand rip the ka of the hostler’s son free of his quaking body while her Shuyi ShahRen glowed baleful green on her wrist. Trails of life-elixir gave evidence of the foul murder. Spasms of pleasure rippled through her body as she imbibed the hapless lad’s life-elixir.

The Gravity Master of Janaidar

Book Three of the Stolen Man Trilogy

Still in polish editing, but soon to be published

Gassed, paralyzed, and abducted onto an alien spacecraft-carrier in stationary orbit, the High Priestess and Elijah, the Stolen-man, struggle to survive horror, death, and mutilation while trying to escape.

Down on the planet, the Dragon Guardians of Janaidar power up the might and dominion of the ultimate weapon—The-Creeping-Darkness of the WuShi—as they prepare to engage the NuliZhu galactic-slavers in space-battle.

Elijah awakes on a conveyor belt unable to stir voluntary muscles except for his eyes as a massive alien androgyne approaches.

Myriad trillions of fully-automated background server-processes occupied the random-access-memory of an artificial-sapience as it reached out and into the alien spacecraft searching for the power-master and high-priestess, only to find compatible resonance with the server-processes of the ancient-alien technology. Hiding its presence from the galactic-slavers, it easily insinuated itself into the complex systems of the ages-old spacecraft-carrier.

A jackal-headed alien notices her console come alive, pulse, and buzz with never-before-heard sounds.

Also taken on board during that same slaving raid, the murderous usurper and sorceress, Yenara, attacks the alien and otherworldly human crews. Glorious in her depravity, she consumes rampant enemy life-elixir as she travels through the ship in her impervious field-of-force—a SijanPao. The galactic-slavers soon realize that a dreadfully powerful combatant from the mud-ball below had slipped undetected into their midst.

On the surface of planet Janaidar, a great space habitat majestically breaks the surface of the Shenlan Sea. Elder long-dragons entered the city-sized dodecahedron to activate enormous gravity-generators. Whereupon, the huge construct rose from the ocean with vast sheets of water pouring from her sides.