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The Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement: Through the Eyes of the Patient, Surgeon & Medical Team

The definitive collaborative effort by Robert Holland and Ronald R. Hugate, M.D., FAAOS: Handbook of Hip & Knee Joint Replacement: Through the Eyes of the Patient, Surgeon & Medical Team remains available in EPUB, as well as Amazon Kindle and Paperback since April of 2012 with approximately 40,000 copies since April 2012.

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Written for ease of reading by all (especially senior citizens) because Dr. Hugate states that the theme of the handbook is to help people make tough decisions and also help loved ones and caregivers understand the issues, alternatives, and choices. The information as presented is tailored to those who most need it, tailored to the best possible outcome by strongly urging physical therapy as essentially mandatory, tailored to finding the best surgeon possible, tailored to help people prepare their homes, and especially tailored to help them know when and if the time has come for a joint replacement and what to do next. For people who have never been through total joint replacement, and perhaps even major surgery, the handbook covers these topics in perfectly focused detail. The science, procedures, and even materials of total joint replacement are under constant improvement and change as time reveals best practices. Written on purpose to avoid medical jargon, to include highly technical, date-dependent procedures and approaches, would have rendered the handbook obsolete in short order. Now in print for four years and nearing 3,000 copies sold, the handbook’s quality speaks for itself.   There are even cartoons because the subject matter is quite heavy and both coauthors felt that including some humor would help lighten up a very serious subject. We wish you the very best possible outcome should you choose to go embark on th life-changing journey through total joint replacement.